I’ve spent the last 10+ years tirelessly questioning, exploring and developing my unique skills in music, specifically in the subject of music improvisation using popular music with an old but beautiful tool: piano. I dedicated the time not merely to hone my own talent, but to find a deeper meaning in connecting the dots with other fields where my musical gift can serve a meaningful purpose in helping others. While music technology, specifically in e-learning, is the current industry that my career belongs within, it took a lifelong journey in recognizing my unconventional path of music study that developed into a powerful force for creativity and transformation.


I was born in South Korea and immigrated to Canada with my family at the age of 12. After living in Canada for 15 amazing years, I took on the bold move to relocate to New York City in late 2014 to expand my network and to surround myself with more like-minded, hardworking people that share common interests and passion in music that recognize a great need in reform in music education coupled with technology. Since there was no going back after having arrived in my dream destination, I put together a large portfolio highlighting numerous projects and accomplishments that I’ve done over the years, and was awarded a Green Card for having being qualified as an Individual with Extraordinary Ability (EB-1) from the US Immigration within a year upon my arrival to NYC.


I am fueled by the fascinating and rapidly-evolving industry of music technology, and the changing definition of music the field constantly promotes. I thrive in fast-growing and innovative environments where music, technology and education collide.


Whether you came across my profile because we belong to a similar industry, or somehow discovered me from a word of mouth from a different industry, I very much look forward to discovering where our paths will take us to next.



Ph.D., New York University, present

M.A., New York University, 2017

B.Sc. (hons), University of Toronto, 2009

ARCT diploma in piano performance, Royal Conservatory of Music


Choi, S. (2017). Masters thesis: Components contributing to development in the field of improvisation using popular music. New York University, New York, USA.

Choi, S. (2017, April). Components contributing to development in the field of improvisation: artistic piano interpretation of Lean On. Paper presented at the meeting of 25th European Association for Music in Schools Conference / 6th European International Society for music Education Regional Conference, Salzburg, Austria.



Choi, S. (2017, June). Collaborative Improvisation Workshop using Popular Music and Online Technologies. Workshop presented at Digital Technology in Arts Education, Bergen, Norway.


Public lecture: “On piano improvisation using popular music”. Presented at Montclair State University, September 2016.


Public lecture: “Use of social media to share creative piano improvisation skills”. Presented for Designing Technologies & Experiences for Music. New York University, September 2016.


Public lecture: “On piano improvisation”. Presented at Korea University, August 2016.


Public lecture: “Artistic Pi: contemporary piano curriculum for the modern era”. Presented at 2016 IMPACT Conference, New York University, August 2016.


Public lecture “Storytelling through creative piano improvisation”. Presented at 2016 IMPACT Workshop, New York University, July 2016.


Public lecture: “Thinking outside the box: creative piano improvisation skills”. Presented for Designing Technologies & Experiences for Music. New York University, September 2015.



Audio recording: Partnership project with Steinway & Sons. Improvisation-based performances of songs from various popular music genre. Available via Steinway & Sons’ Spirio App on iPad. (improviser, performer)

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